SausageBot progress

SausageBot panels

SausageBot panels  – just look at them!

Got the front and back panels sorted today. After work I drove over to Matt Spandex’s house to continue on the sausageBot curing fridge project. We already had some of the main parts bought and assembled, and so after a delicious, unexpected fish supper (thanks, Frances!) we drove to Nottingham hackspace to use their laser cutter for the front and back panels. Spandy had already designed the layout of the panels to fit the components as you can see in this post

I hadn’t been to the hackspace before and it’s great. You pay a subscription (whatever amount you like actually), and you can use what you need, as and when you need it. It’s the first floor of an old Victorian warehouse, kitted out with all manner of tools from cnc machines, laser cutters, lathes, soldering stations, and so on. Pretty much everything. It was fairly busy when we got there, but there’s plenty of room and noone using the laser cutter – result! So after about an hour trying to figure out how to import the sketches of the panels into the laptop hooked up to the laser cutter, we were in business.

The laser cutter is magic. Did we place the acrylic in the right place not to screw it all up? You’re damn right we did.

Anyway, here are the results from tonight’s session. I’m seriously impressed with the accuracy of this thing. All the components just clipped right into the holes! Kudos to Spandy, again for the design work 🙂

Front and back panels laser cut

Front and back panels laser cut

rear panel with power sockets fitted

rear panel with power sockets fitted

Fitting various components

Fitting various components

Front panel with knobs and screen!

Front panel with knobs and screen!

That green switch on the right hand side is pretty sexy, and it will light up when it’s on. It’s so satisfying to click on and off that I might have to duct tape it on in case I get tempted when actually in production.

Anyway, the next job is to get all the relays glued (or fixed somehow) to the base of the enclosure, fit the status LEDs (those are the 4 holes on the front panel with nothing in at the moment), wire it all up, then plug everything else in (fridge, humidifier, heater, etc)

I really can’t wait! Stay tuned….

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