Mini Sausagebot update

Had another sausageBot (curing fridge controller) build session with Spandex at the Nottingham Hackspace last night. We wanted to cut out the sides and  top and bottom panels but the laser cutter was occupied all night. We did manage to drill a hole in the back panel which was far too big for the remote sensor plug (thanks, Maplin advice person! 19mm, my arse!) – I guess we should have actually measured it to confirm, but hey. Ended up gluing that in the end – still looks OK, luckily:

Rear sensor DIN plug

Rear sensor DIN plug

Oh, and the front panel now also has the potentiometers fitted to the silver dials for altering the temperature and humidity set values, and coloured LEDs to show which relays are currently open: blue = fridge (cold), red = heater, green = humidifier, yellow = dehumidifier.

Front panel with status LEDs

Front panel with status LEDs

In the next build session we’ll try to get the remaining enclosure parts built and assembled 🙂

Soldering station action shot

Bonus soldering station action shot!

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