sausageBot enclosure progress

Looks pretty good!

Looks pretty good!

You can’t really see the base on the picture above due to the white table, but you get the idea. We laser cut all the enclosure parts last night – apart from the lid. We accidentally used the wrong piece of perspex for the base, which meant we didn’t have enough left to make it! Oh well.

Laser cut the corner blocks

This laser cutter really is magic

Here’s what the corner blocks look like when they come off the cutter. The pegs cut out from the middle are used to fix them together.

Corner blocks

This gives you an idea how the corner blocks fit together

One of the side panels

One of the side panels with passive cooling vents. The base also has these vents cut into it

Side panel with blocks

Side panel with blocks. Those tabs fit perfectly into the slots.

The next job is to glue the corner blocks together, then fix all the electronic components and the relays to the base, and build the “walls” – i.e. everything apart from the lid. Once that’s done we can wire it all up and start running some tests and writing the software.

This thing really is complete overkill for curing a few sausages, but it’s gonna be bloody great when it’s finished 🙂